Guided Meditations Apple TV

Your personalized life coach

Relax Melodies for Apple TV offers the largest collection of Guided Meditations ever offered in any of our apps. 

With over 36 Guided Meditations for almost every main aspect of your everyday life, you will have at your disposal the best and personalized life coach, to guide you through better ways of facing the day and greatly improve your quality of life. 


Relax Melodies Apple TV groups the Guided Meditation in specific categories designed to work with specific areas of your everyday life. 


The sleep category offers a series of sleeping meditations that you can listen at the moment you go to bed. These meditations will guide you through various sleeping exercises to help you sleep better. 




The relationships category offers a series of mind and emotions exercises to help you channel your emotions towards success in your relationships.




The concentration category offers a series of focus and energy management meditations to help you work towards your desired goals.




The stress category offers a series of positive energy management exercises to help you create positive energy, balance your energy and find that zen place to be to better handle stressful situations.




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