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Ipnos Soft Support Team Nov 5 Announcements

We are very excited to announce that Relax Melodies is now available on the Apple TV!


The same app you already love only better and more complete than ever.

The Apple TV version of Relax Melodies will give you a preview of what is to come on the new iPhone version that will be released soon.

In addition, if you purchased any Subscription in the iPhone version of Relax Melodies. When you download the Apple TV version of the app, you will automatically have access to all the Sound, Brainwaves and Guided Meditations available on the Apple TV.

As long as you are using the same iCloud account and Apps and iTunes account you previously used to purchase the Lifetime Access in the iPhone version of Relax Melodies

Simply search for Relax Melodies in the App store of the Apple TV, install the app and get to enjoy the same features from your phone now also in the comfort of your TV.

Enjoy and Happy Relaxation!