Getting around Relax Zen

Introductory Message

When you first open the app, you are greeted by our introductory message or app presentation.

With a series of screens and messages, the app globally explains in which ways using the application can benefit your daily life.

The welcome screen looks something like this: 


To scroll through the introductory messages, simply swipe with your finger towards the left (from right to left) like scrolling through the pages of a book. 

You can also swipe in the opposite direction (from Left to right) to return to the previous message. 

Once you have scrolled through all of the messages you will see a button at the bottom of the screen that is labeled "Start Relaxing Now!", pressing this button will take you to the home screen of the app. 


Home Screen

The home screen of Relax Zen looks something like this: 


Menu Button

The menu button located at the top left-hand side of the screen will take you to all of the different features available in this application. 

Learn more about the Menu button.

Favorites Button

The favorites button, located at the top right-hand side of the screen will take you to your list of favorite mixes as well as the "Discovery" section. 

Learn more about the Favourites button.

Learn more about the Discovery button.

Sound Categories

This particular section of the app functions as a scrollable menu as well.

Each of the sounds and courses from our app has been grouped into different categories.

This scrollable menu will allow you to quickly access each category of sounds or courses in a quick manner. 

Learn more about the Sound Categories.

Play Button

The play button, as its name indicates, it is a button to play your Current Selection of sounds, courses or guided meditations. 

Remember that you need to select one or more sounds in order to be able to hear them play. 

If you have not selected any sound and you press the play button, there is nothing to play, thus you will not hear any sound coming out from your device's speakers. 

Remember that each sound has an Individual Volume and you need to make sure the Individual Volume of your sound is to the desired intensity in order to hear that sound. 

Clear Button

The clear button, as its name indicates, it will unselect (deactivate or clear out) all of the sounds, courses or guided meditations in your Current Selection.

This will allow you to make new selections to create new sound mixes. 

Remember that each sound has an Individual Volume and if you select the same sound again, the Individual Volume of that sound will be set up in the exact same way you left it before. 

If you wish to reset the Individual Volume of all your sounds, you can do that from the Settings section in the menu of the app. 

Global Volume

This button controls the volume of your device (not the Individual Volume of each sound), the higher the volume the higher all the sounds will play based on their Individual Volume.

Same thing the other way around, the lower the global volume of your device, the lower the sounds will play based on their Individual Volume.

The global volume also gives you access to the AirPlay feature of the app which allows you to play your Current Selection directly on your Mac or Apple TV. 


This section displays all our current special promotions related to this and all of our other apps. 

This section is only displayed on the free version of the app along with the bottom ads bar. 

Once you have purchased 1 month, 3 months or Lifetime Access, these ads are removed from your app. 


This section lists every sound available in the app, you can scroll up and down using a dragging gesture with your finger to see all of the available sounds grouped in specific categories: SoundsBrainwavesGuided MeditationsCourses, and Radio

As always if there is any additional feature you would like to know more about, you can always send us a request through the Submit a Request feature.

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