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The Menu of the Relaxing Melodies Oriental app is the place where you will use, personalize and configure the application to your liking. 

The Menu screen looks something like this: 


Below you will find a brief description of what each of the options included in the Menu does. 

If you want more in-depth information about each of these sections, right below the description you will find a quick link to an advanced and detail explanation of that section and what you can do in it. 

As always if there is any additional feature you would like to know more about, you can always send us a request through the Submit a Request feature.


The upgrade page will allow you to select a series of options to upgrade your app and unlock additional features, sounds, guided meditations, courses and the radio feature of the app.

These are in-app purchases and to be able to purchase any of the upgrades you will require the account you normally use to purchase and download applications. 

If you want to know more about How to Upgrade your app!, check out this link. 


The home screen is the place you arrived at after completing the tutorial or app introduction.

At the Home screen, you will find all of the available Sounds grouped by categories, as well as all of out Guided Meditations, Courses and the Radio feature. 

Please note that some of the Sounds, Guided Meditations, Courses and the Radio feature will be locked for users who downloaded the Free Version of the app and have not purchased any subscription or additional feature individually!.

To know more about the Sounds, Guided Meditations, Courses and the Radio feature, click on each of these categories and a link will take you to their detailed page. 

Alarm & Timer

As its name describes, in this section you will be able to set up an Alarm or a Timer to be used with your application. 

To learn more about How to set up an Alarm or a Timer!, check out this link.


The Settings section is the place where you will configure specific and personalized settings for your app to behave in the way you prefer. 

To learn more about the Settings, check out this link.


The clock feature of the app, allows you to place your phone as if it was a clock sitting on your bedside table displaying the current time.

When you click the Clock option in the Menu of Relax Melodies Oriental, your entire phone becomes a clock display. 

The first background shown in the Clock feature looks something like this:


You can swipe with your finger towards the left (from right to left) like scrolling through the pages of a book or towards the right, to change the background for the clock display. 

You can also swipe with your finger from Up to Down to darken the screen of your device. For example, if you are going to bed and you don't want the light of the screen to bother you while you sleep. 

Swiping from Down to Up will increase the light of the screen making it brighter. For example, if you just woke up using the alarm feature of the app and you are ready to go on with your day. 

To exit the Clock display, simply tap on the 'X' mark at the top right-hand side of the screen. 

Subscribe to our Announcements page so we can notify you when we have created and uploaded new backgrounds for the clock feature of the app. 


If you are a Yoga Teacher or simply want to enjoy a relaxing time while staring at a series of beautiful sceneries on your device or through the Air-Play feature of the app. This feature is the one for you!

The Slideshow scrolls through a series of images (the same images used to decorate each of the Sounds listed in the app) while your Current Selection of Sounds is playing in the background. 

The Slideshow can also be used while you are playing your own music!

To activate the Slideshow you just need to tap on the Slideshow button in the Menu and it will automatically open. 

IMPORTANT: The slide show opens by default with the image of an Asian Interior with a round window, the view outside the window will change every certain time. You can also activate full-screen mode simply by tapping in the image. 

The Asian Interior will disappear and the view outside the window will become full screen. 

To exit the Slideshow, simply tap on the image again and it will automatically close it. 

To configure the time that takes between each change of each image displayed and also the number of images shown, you can do it from the Settings section. 

To learn more about the Settings, check out this link.


The news page will keep you always up to date with the latest information about our apps, new features, and new releases. Much like our Announcements page in this Knowledge Base. 

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In this section of the app, you can quickly send us an email with any problems or feedback you want to share with us. 

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