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The Favorites feature of the app, allows you to save a Current Selection as a favorite mix. 

For example, you have chosen a series of Sounds, carefully set up the individual volume intensity of each of those sounds to create a perfect ambiance and wish to be able to access this specific mix at any point. Well, this is the perfect time to save this mix into your favorites. 

When you first open the Favorites screen on the app, you will see a quick introduction to how the feature works. 


Favorites Screen:


Saving a current selection as a Favorite

To save a mix of sounds as a favorite, first you need to have made a selection of sounds and set up their volume intensities, basically, you need to have a Current Selection active in order for the favorites feature to identify those sounds, their volumes and be able to save it in your favorites list.

Current Selection is a term that you will probably find often in this Knowledge base as well as your app in certain instructions or descriptions. 

Current Selection is the term used to reference the sounds, brainwaves, guided meditations or courses that are Currently Selected in your App and by pressing the play button, will play. Basically, your Current Selection is the sounds you have selected on your home screen. 

Once you have selected the sounds you like and set up their volume intensities, you can simply access the Favorites feature through the Favorites button located on the top right-hand side of the home screen and then press the "+ add" button to add your Current Selection as a favorite. 


Add button to add your current selection as a Favorite

Once you tap the + Add button, a new window will open showing your Current Selection of sounds along with the volume intensity each sound has (white line at the bottom of the sound icon) and giving you the option to name your Favorite Sound Mix to be saved in the Favorites section. 


Adding a mix to Favorites.


You can then give a name to your Current Selection for it to be saved in your Favorites or simply just save it without a name.

When you save a Favorite Mix without a name, the app will automatically name the mix "Favorite #" giving it a default number based on the number of favorites on your list. 

To save your Current Selection press the '' button located on the top right-hand side of the screen. 

To cancel the operation press the 'X' button located on the top left-hand side of the screen.


Screen with some Favorite mixes saved: 


Deleting and Existing Favorite Mix

To delete an existing Alarm or Timer, simply tap on the edit button located on the top right-hand side of the screen.


Edit Button

When you tap on the edit button, the Favorites' screen changes into Edit Mode and every Favorite Sound Mix listed on the screen, now displays two new buttons: a Delete Button and a Rearrange button.

Favorites in Edit Mode


Tap on the minus button located on the left side of each Favorite Sound Mix to bring up the "Delete" button. 


Minus Button

When you tap on the minus button, a red button labeled "Delete" will appear on the right-hand side of the Favorite Sound Mix you want to delete. 

Delete Favourite.jpg

Press the delete button to delete that Favorite Sound Mix

The delete option is individual to each Favorite Sound Mix so you can delete only the ones you chose to remove.

IMPORTANT: Once the delete button is pressed, the sound mix is completely deleted and cannot be restored or brought back unless you go again through the process of selecting the sounds again, setting their volume intensities and then saving the Current Selection as a favorite. 


Favorite Screen in Edit Mode with the Delete button active


To finalize the deletion of the Favorite Sound Mix, simply tap on the edit button again (located on the top right-hand side of the screen) which is now showing a check mark. 


Edit Button with Checkmark

Tapping on the edit button when the checkmark is displayed will bring the Favorites Screen back to their original display. 

Rearranging Your Favorites List

To rearrange the order in which your Favorite Sound Mixes are displayed, simply tap on the edit button to bring up edit mode. 

Once on edit mode, you will notice a button on the right side of your Favorite Sound Mixes that looks like 3 lines parallel to each other. 


Rearrange Button

Tap and hold the Rearrange button and then drag up or down to rearrange individually each Favorite Sound Mix.

Once you have rearranged your Favorite Sound Mixes, you can simply tap the Edit button once again to get out of edit mode.  

Editing Favorite Sound Mix

To edit an existing Favorite Sound Mix, simple tap on the Edit button located on the top right-hand side of the screen to enter edit mode. 

Once in edit mode, simply tap in the middle of the Favorite Sound Mix you wish to edit and you will be brought up to the Favorite Sound Mix edition page which is the same page as the one you saw when adding a new Favorite Sound Mix

The only modifications you can do to an existing Favorite Sound Mix is to change the name. If you wish to change the sounds and volumes from a Favorite Sound Mix, then you will need to delete the existing one and create a new one with the new selections and volume intensities. 


This section of the app is our exclusive Community section. In here you can listen to Sound Mixes created and shared by our users from all around the world.

To access the Discovery Section of the app, simply tap on the Favorites button located on the top right-hand side of the home screen and then the Discovery button located a the bottom of the Favorites Screen. 


Once you access the Discovery screen you will find 4 buttons in the top of the screen: Popular, Recent, Premium and Share. 


Discovery Feature of the App: 



The popular section lists the Sound Mixes from the most popular to the least popular based on how many users "like" the mix. 

To like a mix you can simply tap on the Heart icon located on the right side of the mix's name. You can "Un-like" a mix simply by tapping the hard icon again. 


The recent section list the Recent Sound Mixes that have been shared with the community. It is possible that a Sound Mix will appear in both categories if it is recent and as well a very popular mix. 


The premium section will only list Sound Mixed that require the user to have premium access. If you are using the Free Version of the app, the Mixes listed in this section will be blacked out (locked), however, if you tap on a locked mixed, you will receive a Pop-Up message prompting you to upgrade your app.

Sharing a Mix.

To share a mix, first, you need to have a Current Selection. What this means is that you need to have chosen the sounds in the home screen and configure their volume intensities. Once your Current Selection is ready you can then tap on the Favorites button located on the top right-hand side of the home screen, then select "Discovery" at the bottom of the Favorites Screen and finally press the "Share" button, located at the top right-hand side of the Discovery Screen. 

Pressing the Share button will bring you to the share window where you can Name your Sound Mix and provide your name as the Autor, then share it with the community. 


Share Sound Mix feature of the app: 


Press the Send button to send your mix to us where we will review it and approve it before it being published in the community. 

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