Getting around Relax Melodies for Apple TV

First Launch

Relax Melodies for Apple TV is our simplest and yet most complete version of the App ever released. 

In here you will find all of the sounds ours user already love, the standard Brainwave therapy beats and an even wider selection of Guided Meditations for your everyday life. 

In addition, this version of the app comes with a brand new user interface and sections to make it even easier to customize your mixes to create that perfect ambiance you need to help you relax, meditate or even fall asleep. 

Home Screen

The home screen of Relax Melodies for Apple TV looks something like this: 


In here you will find every section of the app, fully displayed and easy to access.

To move around the Home menu, simply swipe with your finger in the Apple TV Remote towards the direction you wish to move.


The first section automatically displayed when first launching the app is the Sounds section. In here you will find the library of sounds available for you to create your sound mix. 

So explore the Sounds in the library, simply swipe down on the Apple TV Remote to highlight a sound, once a sound is highlighted (zoomed in) you can swipe to the left or the right to scroll through the sound library. 

  • Giving a quick swipe will move rather quickly through the library.
  • Giving a small gentle swipe will scroll through one sound at the time.

To learn more about how to create a sound mix, visit our Creating a Mix page. 


In here you will find all of the Guided Meditations grouped in specific life subjects like Romance, Family, success, etc. 

To learn more about Guided Meditations and the various categories offered, visit the Guided Meditations section. 


In this section, you will find all of the Brainwave Beats available for Relax Melodies. 

To learn more about the Brainwaves and their benefits, visit our Blog Help me to sleep. 


In this section, you will find all of your saved Mixes to be used anytime you want. 

You will also find some suggestions we have preloaded with the app. 

To learn more about Saving, Editing or Deleting a Mix, visit our Creating a Mix page. 


In this section, you will find a series of options to set up a timer based on the most popular settings. 

To learn more about how to use the Timer, visit our Creating a Mix page. 


In this section, you will find a button that allows you to upgrade the application to obtain full access to all of its content. 

Simply press the red button and confirm your purchase to upgrade your application and obtain access to all the features. 

To learn more about how to upgrade your application, visit our How to Upgrade your app! page and scroll down to the Apple TV section. 

Currently Playing

At the bottom of the every screen, you will find the Currently Playing bar, this can be accessed at all times by simply swiping down on the Apple TV Remote.

The Currently Playing bar also displays the Play Button and the Clear button.  


The Currently Playing bar looks something like this: 


Play Button

The play button will only be enabled if there are sounds selected to be played, otherwise, the button will be grayed out. 

When the button is pressed, a mix will automatically play and the button will change from the Play icon to the Pause icon. 

Clear Button 

The clear button will deselect any currently selected (or Playing) sound, 

Press this button whenever you want to create a brand new mix of sounds. 

Currently Playing Button

This button will bring you to the currently playing section where you can save and modify your mix and individual volumes to set up that perfect ambiance. 

To learn more about the Currently Playing section, visit our Creating a Mix page. 

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