How do I restart my device?

Why restart your device?

With time any electronic device with constant user interaction, accumulates temporary files, data and/or cookies that could affect the performance of your device and make it look like if the problem is from the application and not the device. A device restart can help in resolving network issues, poor signal, slow data speeds, messaging issues and application performance.

Restarting your phone regularly can also help improve performance by closing all of the open background applications that may be slowing down performance.

Our recommendation: Restart your phone on a weekly basis. If you are having trouble with your phone, a restart (turning it off and then waiting at least 10 seconds to turn it back on) may help clear the issue.

Apple Device Restart

To learn how to restart your Apple device, check out this link!

Android Device Restart

To learn how to restart your Android device, check out this link!


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