How to restore purchases in Apple Devices

How are app purchases and in-app purchases tracked?

Apple currently uses two different systems to monitor and track app purchases and in-app purchases. 

App and iTunes Account

Whenever you purchase or download an app from Apple's App Store, this information is tracked using the App and iTunes account, configured in your device. 

Your App and iTunes account are directly linked to the app you purchased and downloaded so that in the future if you need to install the app again in new devices or after you reset a device you don't need to purchase the app again.

You will know Apple is recognizing your previous purchase because right next to the app there a Cloud icon instead of the button that says Get or Purchase

iCloud Account

Your iCloud account is used for in-app purchases and subscriptions. Apple uses this account to monitor the purchases you have made from within the app and to monitor expiration dates and auto-renewal of subscriptions. 


NOTE: Generally users use the same email account for their iCloud account and App and iTunes account. However, there are some users that have two different email accounts. One for iCloud and one for App and iTunes, when this is the case, there could be in-app purchases conflicts if the accounts are not properly set up in all of your devices. 

We highly recommend to always use the Same Email account for both your App and iTunes account and your iCloud account so that your app purchases can be easily and properly transfer between devices. This will also help with your Family sharing account.


Restore app purchases and service subscriptions

The first thing to do is remove the app from your device, once the app has been removed, then we need to verify the accounts. 

NOTE: The reason we suggest to have the app removed first is because, when you remove apps from your device, any previously stored data related to the app gets erased and so by removing the app we ensure that no corrupted data or wrong data is stored causing conflict with in-app purchases. 


Verify Accounts

1- From the home screen of your device go to Settings

2- Inside the settings, scroll down to a section labeled iCloud and App and iTune Stores

3- Verify the account set up for iCloud and App and iTunes Store is the same account you used to make the purchase in the first place

The iCloud and App and iTunes section inside the settings, look something like this:



IMPORTANT: You have to make sure the accounts are correct and they are the same accounts you used to make the app purchase and in-app purchase otherwise restoring your purchases will not work. 


Install the right application

Inside the app store of your device, search for the app you wish to install.

If it is the same app and it is the right app, you should see a "Cloud" like icon right next to it, if the cloud icon is not displayed, it means is not the same app Even if the icons and name seem the same.



IMPORTANT: You need to make sure it is the exact same app from which you made the in-app purchase, otherwise the restoring of the purchases will not work. 

In-App purchases from the Free version of the app count as different types of purchases than if you would have made an in-app purchase from the Paid Version of the app.

Each app has a unique serial number for apple which is used to track in-app purchases, this is why it is important to make sure you have the right version of the app on your device in order for your purchases to transfer successfully. 


if the accounts are properly set up and are the same accounts used to purchase the app and the in-app purchases. 

If the app is the right version of the app.

Your purchase should be automatically restored. 

If the above did not help, please contact our customer supports (even if you have previously contacted them) for them to provide you with an alternative workaround to restore your app purchases. 

Transferring purchases to other devices

It is possible to transfer your purchases from one Apple device to another as long as the following requirements are met.

1- All devices must have the same iCloud Account.

2- All devices must have the same App and iTunes Account.

3- All devices must have the exact same version of the application installed.

if for example you purchased a "Lifetime Access" on the Free Version of Relax Melodies for iPhone and you wish to transfer that access to your iPad, then you must install Relax Melodies Free iPhone version on your iPad. Meaning, your iPad must have the iPhone version of the app for the transfer to function.

IMPORTANT: if you purchased a lifetime access from the iPad version of an app (Relax Melodies HD, Relax Melodies Oriental HD) and wish to transfer your lifetime access to your iPhone. You will NOT be able to do that because iPhone does not sport iPad apps. In this particular case, you need to contact our customer support services, for them to provide you with an alternative workaround to transfer your purchases from an iPad to an iPhone. 


To know what App version you have installed in your devices, follow this link.

To learn why there are many different versions of the apps, follow this link.

Transferring your access to the Apple TV version of the app. 


The same principle applies if you want to transfer your subscription from the iPhone app to the Apple TV app. 

1- From the home screen of your Apple TV go to Settings (It is the gear like icon).

2- Inside the settings, select Accounts.

4- Log in to the same iCloud account you used on your iPhone to purchase the subscription. 

5- Log in to the same iTunes and Apps account you used on your iPhone to purchase the app. 

6- Launch Relax Melodies on your Apple TV. 

If the accounts match the same ones from your iPhone and you purchased any sort of subscription to the full access feature of Relax Melodies. Relax Melodies on Apple TV should automatically unlock all the features, Sounds library, Brainwaves and Guided Meditations. 

If following the steps above does not unlock all sounds on the Apple TV version of Relax Melodies, please contact our customer support services to help you troubleshoot the problem. 

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