Creating a perfect sound Ambiance!

Selecting and Playing Sounds

To play a sound located in the Sounds library of the app, simply tap (touch) the sound you wish to play and this will automatically start playing the sound.

This also applies to Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats. 

Once the sound is selected, the icon of the sound will illuminate in the center and animate balancing from side to side to show that it is active. 

Here is an example of how the sounds look when active.

You can select multiple sounds to a maximum of 10 including Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats as well as Guided Meditations. 

Individual Volumes

Each time you select a sound (Isochronic Tone and Binaural Beats) a volume bar will appear at the top of the screen right below the Top Menu. 

This volume is the Volume Bar of the Selected Sound and it only affects the selected sound.

This will give you the option to configure the sound's individual volume so you can create an audio illusion of 3D Sounds by setting the volume of each sound to a different intensity to create the illusion of being far or close. 

This is an example of the Individual Volume Bar. Notice how the sound "River" is selected and there is a volume bar displayed just below the menu with the name of the selected sound.

How does the individual volume help?

For example, if you are creating a mix of sounds to represent the beach you could try something like this: 

1- Select the sound "Ocean" and set up the individual volume to 25%

2- Scroll from right to left and find the sound called "Slow Waves", select it, and set up the individual volume to 75%

3- Continue scrolling until you find the sound called "Seaside", select it, and set up the individual volume to 30%

4- Scroll back and find the sound called "Butterfly", select it, and set up the individual volume to 75%

If you have the PRO version of the app, you can add the "Seagulls" with a volume intensity of 20%. 

And there you have it, a mix of various sounds that create a complete 3D like ambiance. 

Remember that to bring up the individual volume of each sound, you must simply tap on the sound to activate it.

New Feature: In version 6.0 of the app, you can actually tap and hold the sound (even if playing and already selected) to bring the individual volume bar back up so you can readjust the volume without having to deselect and reselect the sound. 

The individual volume bar disappears after a few seconds if you need to bring it back again, tap and hold the sound or tap to deselect it and then tap it again to select it back and bring the Individual Volume bar again.

Once the individual volume of a sound has been set up, it will remain that way until you reset it from the settings of the app or until you manually change the individual volume again.

To learn more about resetting the volumes of the sounds and other settings visit this link. 

Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats

Isochronic and Binaural Beats are Brainwave sounds created to assist you in particular aspects of your everyday life.

If you scroll all the way to the left of the Sound's library, you will find the Isochronic and Binaural beats. 

This is the screen of the Isochronic Tones.

To learn more about the Isochronic tones, you can press the Learn more button located right next to the category of the tones or you can also visit the Blog "Help me to Sleep" through the "More" section of the app by clicking the "relaxation tips" button. 

This is the screen of the Binaural Beats.

To learn more about the Binaural Beats, you can press the Learn more button located right next to the category of the beats or you can also visit the Blog "Help me to Sleep" through the "More" section of the app by clicking the "relaxation tips" button. 

You can add a Binaural Beat or Isochronic tone to your mix of sounds. However, starting from version 4.0 you can only choose one Binaural Beat or one Isochronic tone to play with your mix, never more than that.

The reason behind it is that these tones and beats were specifically created to be used individually so that your brain is able to relax and synchronize with the frequency of the tone or beat. If you select more than one your brain will have multiple frequencies to synchronize and you will not be able to relax. 

You can also configure the individual volume of the Binaural Beat or Isochronic Tone.

Adding a Binaural Beat or Isochronic Tone will count towards the limit of 10 sounds that can be played at once. 


You can also add a Guided Meditation to your current mix of sounds, however, you can only select one meditation at the time. 

To add a meditation to your current selection of sounds, after you have selected your sounds and adjusted their individual volumes, simply select Meditations, on the top menu to access the meditations library. 

Look for the meditation you wish to listen to and select it to play it. 

This is how the Guided Meditations Library looks like: 

New Feature: A newly added Meditation Play Screen will appear giving you the option to adjust the individual volume of the Meditation and also, displaying the countdown of the time left of the mediation and showing a circular progress bar.

The NEW Guided Meditation Play Screen looks something like this:

Adding a Guided Meditation to your mix counts towards the limit of 10 sounds that can be played at once.

If you press the "Stop Meditation" button inside the Meditations Play Screen, only the Guided Meditation will stop but the mix of ambiance sounds will continue to play. 

To learn more about the different options offered in the Guided Meditations, visit this link.

Saving your current selection of sounds as a favorite. 

Once you have selected the ambiance sounds, perhaps a Binaural Beat or Isochronic Tone and maybe even a Guided Meditation, you can then save the entire selection along with the individual volumes you set up for each sound as a favorite Mix. 

This will allow you to play the mix every time you like without having to reselect the sounds and set the volumes every time. 

When you first open the Favorites section of the app, it looks something like this:

New Feature: In version 6.0 of Relax Melodies we added a new section called, "Staff Favorites" which contains a series of mixes created by our own production team.  

To listen to the Staff Favorites them simply tap on the mix you wish to listen and it will automatically play. 

NOTE: Some of the Staff Favorites include PRO sounds, if you have the free version, you will not be able to listen to them unless you purchase a PRO access subscription. 

Below the Staff favorites, you will find all of the mixes of sound you have previously created and saved in previous versions.

IMPORTANT: If you had Relax Melodies Android before the 4.0 Update and you had created and saved favorite mixes, then your mixes should have carried over

If you download the app for the first time after the 4.0 Update then the above screen is what you will see. 

Saving a Favorite

To save your current selection of sound as a favorite, simply press the '+' sign round button located at the bottom-left side of the screen.

You will be prompted to give a name to your mix and then by clicking the save button, your mix will be saved as a favorite. 

Following the above example of creating a mix of beach sounds, below you will find a screenshot of that mix being saved as a favorite. 

Saving a Favorite Mix.

Advantages of Saving a Mix as a Favorite

Once you have saved your mix as a favorite, the mix will also save the individual volume intensities of each sound, this way you can play that specific mix as often as you wish to. 

To play a mix from the favorites library, simply tap on the mix you wish to play. The sounds will begin to play immediately and the selection inside the favorites will light up and animate side to side.

Below is an example of a mix saved as a favorite and currently playing.

New Feature: To stop a favorite mix you can simply tap on the same mix again and it will automatically stop. 

You can also press the clear button, to stop the mix from playing. 

Editing a Favorite

To edit or delete a saved favorite you can simply tap and hold the favorite mix you wish to edit or delete and you will be brought up to the favorite's edition screen. 

At the edition screen, you can change the name of the mix or delete the mix. 

IMPORTANT: At the moment there is no option to remove or add a sound or readjust the volumes of the saved sound inside the favorites. However, when you select a favorite to play, all of the sounds get enabled and active at the sounds screen section of the app so you can go directly there and modify the individual volume of a sound or add or remove a sound and then save again that new current selection. 

Adding a timer while a Mix is playing.  

You can add a timer any time a mix is playing. 

Timers are used to slowly fade out the volume of a mix until it fully stops. They can also be used to close the application so that it doesn't continue active in the background when it is no longer needed. 

To add a timer simply select Timer at the top menu and you will see a series of predefined timers for you to choose from. 

The timer selection screen looks something like this:

You can also create a custom timer by simply selecting the Custom option available at the timer screen. 

Once a timer has been selected, the timer screen will display a countdown circle that will show you the progression of your time. 

At this same screen, you can also enable or disable the option to close the app when the timer ends

If enabled, this option will close the app entirely and all activities of the app will stop until you re-open the app again.

If the option to Close the app when the timer ends is not selected, the app will remain in the background using the device's resources (battery life) as if it was an open and active app. 


This concludes the help page, you can press the back button on your device or browser to go back to the previous page or you can click on the Ipnos Soft logo located at the top left-hand side of the screen to go to the Main Page of the Knowledge Base and Help Center. 

As always if there is any additional feature you would like to know more about and it is not listed in this help center, you can always send us a request through the Submit a Request feature.

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