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Everything you need to relax at your fingertips!

The More section of the app is entirely focused on providing our users with access to additional tools and information for them to make the most of our app.

here is a screenshot of the More section:


This as its name describes it, is the area where you can configure and modify certain aspects of the app. 

Here is a screenshot of the settings: 

  1. You can reset the individual volume of each sound which will place all the individual volumes of all sounds and meditations to 50%. 
  2. Change the loop mode of all the sounds for a smooth and flawless audio looping.
  3. Input a Support code. (Reset codes are provided by our support team through a support ticket. To enter a support ticket you can do it at the bottom of this page or by following the Submit a Request feature.) 
  4. See again the introductory portion of the app first shown when you've opened the app for the first time. 
  5. PRO and PREMIUM users only: Use audio Focus. Enabling this feature will cause all sounds from the app to stop when you open other apps that call on audio focus. If you Disable this feature then all sounds will play in parallel to the sounds being generated by other apps. 


Relaxation Tips

Tapping on the Relaxation Tips button will take you to our Help Me to Sleep blog. A blog that contains excellent tips and articles about relaxation, Meditation, and sleep.


When you tap on the Share button (Heart button) inside the More section, the app will bring up a selection of option which you can use to share a link to the app. 

If you want your friends and family to know about the app, simply tap the Share button and select the option that best fits your needs. You can send an email with a link to our app, a text message, and other additional options. 

To go back to the more page, simply tap outside (above) the sharing options. 


Contact Us

This is a shortcut for you to get in touch with us in regards to support or feedback related to the app. Tapping this button will open a series of options which you can choose to get in touch with us. 


As its name describes, this section will send you to our help center. The exact same place in which you will find Guides about our apps and the exact same place where you can submit a support ticket if you need to. 

This page you are currently reading is part of our help center. 


As its name describes, this section contains all of the recent news in regards to our apps, content, and releases.

It will show a red icon with a number every time new articles have been added. 


This button will take you to the legal End-User License Agreement and our Privacy Policy. 

if ever you have questions about what our app has access too on your device, here is where you will find all those answers. 

Other Apps

Finally, this section will show some of our other apps, you can simply tap on the app icon to open it on the app store if you wish to give it a try. 

We hope this help page was of use. 


This concludes the help page, you can press the back button on your device or browser to go back to the previous page or you can click on the Ipnos Soft logo located at the top left-hand side of the screen to go to the Main Page of the Knowledge Base and Help Center. 

As always if there is any additional feature you would like to know more about and it is not listed in this help center, you can always send us a request through the Submit a Request feature.

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