Android: Animation and Functionality Issues with the App (Updated Oct 6th, 2016)

Bug Details

Some users have reported having weird animations and functional problems with the app. 

Reasons behind it

Android offers Customizable Operative Systems like AOSP Rom for example. Having these custom Operative Systems give some users the option to modify the speed and intensity of animations or even disable or enable certain advanced features.


Please read carefully all of the steps below in order to solve the problem: 

There is really not a specific solution for this since the problem may variate from device to device and from Operative System to Operative System. 

Our advice would be to verify some of the advanced settings of your customer Operative System and adjust them accordingly while test trying our app until you find a good relation between the two of them. 

Also, some users have Developer Mode enabled and some of the developer mode advanced settings enabled as well, this greatly affects the way our app behaves including downloads, purchases, and animations. 

Our advice is to disable Developer Mode and test our app to see if you notice any differences in the functionality of the app when developer mode is disabled. 

If for any reason none of the two options above worked on restoring your purchase please contact our Customer Support Team through a Support ticket.

To enter a Support Ticket, please Click here.

Attach to the support ticket a copy of your Proof of Purchase. It can be the email confirmation from your purchase or your purchase history from the app store. 

Include in the ticket all of the information about your Device, OS, App Name and version. 

What happens after the ticket is entered?

  • Once the ticket is entered into our Customer Support System, one of our agents will review the information received and confirm the purchase.
  • Our agent then will contact you through the Support Ticket and provide you with a Reset Code
  • Once you receive the Reset Code, you can enter the code in the Settings section of our app to reset the app and restore your Premium Access


IMPORTANT: The Reset Code is unique to you user name and device. It is Nontransferable, and valid for a single use only.  Following the above steps will resolve the problem. 


Please note that our development team is currently working as quickly as possible to fix the issues currently present in our apps, these issues will be fixed in the next version of the app soon to be released. 

If you wish to get in touch with our Customer Support Team, you can do it through our Ticket Submission tool or by directly sending an email, make sure to include all of the necessary information so that we can quickly solve the problem. 

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