Restore the Preset Favourites on your App!


In the most recent updates of the Android version of our apps Relax Melodies: Sleep & Yoga and Relax Melodies Premium: Sleep & Yoga the preset favourites list has been entirely removed. 

What does this mean?

Previous version of the app included in the Favourites sections a list of 8 predefined mixes as suggestions to begin with and encourage our users to try mix and matching sounds to generate their ambiances.

This predefined mixes have been completely removed in the recent version of the app due to a large increase in content.

Android guidelines only permit a certain memory size for the apps to be in the App Store and since new content was added in the app, we needed to remove this list of presets in order to be able to retain the app within the size guidelines.

However below you will find a detailed list of these preset with their volume intensities which you can follow to recreate the preset and save it again as a favourite in your app.  

Remember to select the sounds, adjust their individual volumes, then go to the Favourite tab and press the Plus '+' sign to add your current selection as a favourite. 

Stormy Day


  1. Rain at 50% Volume Intensity
  2. Winds at 50% Volume Intensity
  3. Thunder at 50% Volume Intensity
  4. Wind Chimes at 50% Volume Intensity


Sleep Baby

  1. Music Box at 15% Volume Intensity
  2. White Noise at 5% Volume Intensity

Relaxing at Ocean


  1. Waterfall at 50% Volume Intensity 
  2. Toskana at 50% Volume Intensity 
  3. Slow Waves at 50% Volume Intensity 

Night Ambiance



  1. Rain at 50% Volume Intensity
  2. Campfire at 30% Volume Intensity 
  3. Night at 50% Volume Intensity 


Rainy City

  1. Urban Rain at 10% Volume Intensity
  2. City Ambiance at 10% Volume Intensity

Garden Pond


  1. Rain at 30% Volume Intensity
  2. Winds at 10% Volume Intensity
  3. Birds at 30% Volume Intensity
  4. Toskana at 80% Volume Intensity
  5. Frogs at 10% Volume Intensity



  1. Birds at 40% Volume Intensity
  2. Wind Chimes at 15% Volume Intensity
  3. Seaside at 30% Volume Intensity

Calming Down

  1. Flute at 10% Volume Intensity
  2. Butterfly at 80% Volume Intensity

If you need any assistance setting up this favourite mixes or there is any problem please contact our Customer Support Team through a Support ticket.

If you wish to get in touch with our Customer Support Team, you can do it through our Ticket Submission tool or by directly sending an email, make sure to include all of the necessary information so that we can quickly solve the problem. 

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